Change. Work. Together.

How to start

Eager to Start? SIB Kenya, the knowledge centre, is here to provide you with quick tips and tricks, tools, and networks mentioned below.

Tips & tricks to start with being (more) sustainable and inclusive with your existing corporate.

Work together. Never start with implementing Sustainable and Inclusive elements in your business without involvement of employees. Working together, being accountable together will make it a sustainable initiative worth the effort.

  1. Look for the WHY we want to do this. –This could be perceived from an internal business perspective in order to gaining a higher profitability (via cost reduction or higher productivity via less sick leave) or from an external business perspective by enlarging our export / market range in order to we want to have a positive impact on PPP and be a good and sustainable company. Formulate your vision (and benchmark with others in the sector). 
  2. Formulate your mission. Check this with stakeholders and involve employees in order to gain transparency.
  3. Identify and prioritize themes / areas – have look at the ISO 26000 guidelines.
  4. Create a realistic action plan to implement:

    • Themes
    • KPI’s
    • Measuring starting point
    • Objectives + targets
    • Action plan 

  5. Communicate about it. 
  6. Evaluate + improve. 


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SIB provides you with various tools that aim in assesing your business and in being more profitable. 

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SIB provides you with various networks for your business to benefit in multiple ways.

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 Start tips

List with low-threshold tips to start with SIB for any business any time. Process flow:

  • Begin in understanding WHAT does SIB stand for
  • Go to the specific sector relevant to your own business activities
  • Understand what other businesses are doing in this sector in terms of Sustainability and Inclusiveness and what practices are working best.
  • Understand How your business can benefit in doing this
  • Engage with your peers and exchange
  • And START!