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SIB Issues

Environmental impacts are dependent on businesses' production line. Misuse of resources causes environmental damage such as pollution from exhausting fuels, and machinery in terms of sound and misuse of energy and water.

Fossil fuels, gas and uranium all have a negative impact on the environment. It is essential for businesses to alternate to greener methods such as renewable energy. Efficient and renewable energy ensures businesses gain low energy costs while reducing harsh effects on the climate.

Resources are key because everything that we produce and use requires resources. Businesses are volatile to resource prices due to scarcity. This can be tackled by using less carbon emissions, soil management, reduce waste and planting trees leading to effectively using resources adequately.

Dairy and commercial farmers need to ensure that the quality of animal life is met. This considers the safe keeping for animals in terms of stress, fear and health.

Taking care of natural resources such as water, food and land is compulsory for businesses to create a positive impact. This is due to the fact that a misuse of biodiversity results in deforestation, population, over-fishery and urban diversification.

Employee welfare is essential for business performance. Motivation of your employees is vital for your business as this results in higher productivity. Encouraging a good working environment, healthy standards and providing training creates a positive labour workforce.


 Guidelines & certificates

Guidelines and certificates can help you implement SIB systematically. Below are various guidelines and certificates dependant on factors:

1. ISO 26000, ISO 26000 provides you with a practical overview of how to structurally integrate SIB into your business.