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International Maritime Transport and Logistics


Maritime Transport and Logistics is the pillar of international trade and globalization. This role will continue to grow as there is an expected increase in world trade, milions of people are expected to be lifted out poverty through improved access to basic materials, goods and products. Maritime Transport is therefore an important component of socio-economic and environmental growth.

Sustainable and Inclusive practices are the roots in the Agri business sector. This has assisted Kenyan farmers by providing livelihood opportunities for low-income communities in commercially viable ways.

Every economic state requires a well adaptive health system. The Kenyan health sector is cross-sectorial on aspects such as technology, finance, energy, water sanitation and food and nutrition.

Renewable Energy is essential due to its purpose of producing clean energy. Increasing the share of energy from renewable sources results in the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and local pollution. This results in assisting countries from fuel price volatility and improving balance of payments. 

The tourism sector is one of the worlds fastest growing industries. The total contribution to Kenya’s GDP by the tourism industry is 12% in market share. Not only does tourism assist the Kenyan economic GDP but it also brings in economic benefits to local communities and encouraging greater global connectivity. 

Sustainable transportation concerns systems, policies, and technologies. It aims for the efficient transit of goods and services, and sustainable freight and delivery systems. The other approach to Sustainable Transportation is to emphasize broader access to goods and services, rather than just making mobility more efficient.

oserian woman holding flowers

The Horti and Flori sector has become a blooming sustainable inclusive business sector in Kenya. Currently, the Kenyan horticulture industry is the fastest growing agricultural sub sector and provides foreign exchange earnings.


The textile industry focuses on the manufacture of end user products for local and international consumers. These products include garments, household goods and industrial textiles from natural and man made fibres.

The financial industry is vital in every market as it supports economic status. Inclusive financial business can be defined as capital that contributes to the creation of growth and sustainability of small medium enterprises and entrepreneurs. 

The technology industry is a dynamic sector due to the innovative and advanced technologies being frequently developed that constantly shifts the landscape.  It is essential for comapanies that depend highly on innovative solutions to be sustainable.