Change. Work. Together.

What & Why

Change is inevitable for businesses due to the fact that on one hand there is increasing societal pressures in being sustainable whilst on the other hand resources are scarce and expensive, increase in demand of changes in labour force and unpredicted economic fluctuations. To understanding

more on what is SIB, we provide you with a list of our definitions.


Sustainable Inclusive Business is not only good for People and Planet, but it is making money as well! Check out how SIB knowledge centre helps you to quick start.

A visual understanding of how it works

SIB provides you with a visual understanding of how this achievable. For a brief and clear explanation on Sustainable Inclusive Business, and the impact of business on People, Planet and Profit, click here to watch. 

 Guidelines & certificates

Guidelines and certificates can help you implement SIB systematically. Below are various guidelines and certificates dependant on factors:

1. ISO 26000, ISO 26000 provides you with a practical overview of how to structurally integrate SIB into your business.