Change. Work. Together.



According to The Global Knowledge Initiative (GKI), a fruitful partnership is a partnership that builds the capacity of people or organisations globally to generate new knowledge or transfer existing knowledge from those who have it to those who need it.

It is important to build knowledge partnerships between individuals and institutions and enable access to global knowledge or transfer of knowledge and access to human resources. All this should be achieved using a systematic approach that works across the entire ecosystem and actors to enable innovation.


To transform business strategies to make them include the Bottom of the Pyramid as consumers, producers and entrepreneurs and therefore profit from a largely untapped market while having a social impact, these fruitful partnerships are necessary and important. Inclusive business models can often be only be started when partners are involved. Partnering with local actors provides local market knowledge, potential distribution channels and legitimacy to help big businesses to successfully engage the BoP.

  • Co-invention
  • Business co-creation
  • Public private partnerships


Roadmap to Inclusive Agribusiness by GIZ

● Conduct research and develop innovations

● Uphold smallholders production factors by creating new financial solutions

● Inform, train and consult to transfer knowledge

● Agree on and enforce terms mostly through standards and certificates

● Strengthen links within the value chain


Levels of partnerships

● Smallholders

● Partners organisation

● Business environment



● Share benefits

● Assess performance and adjust the business

● Grow you inclusive agribusiness in the next season

Need to add about business case, investing, time to develop, and multi stake serving