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Transparency is an element of good governance which implies that information is freely available and directly accessible to those who will be affected by such decisions and their enforcement and those decisions taken and their enforcement are done in a manner that follows rules and regulations.



  • Transparency should not be deemed as compliance issues. It should be essential behavioural traits that enhance accountability and sustainable growth. Those endowed with positions to serve ought to audit themselves through self-reflections and be audited and ready to give all support and information to clear any mist or cloud of doubt along their paths. Indeed, the best form of governance must truly come from within.


  • Transparency promotes openness of action, decision-making processes, and consultative processes in all sector and all stakeholders.
  • Businesses should work together with other stakeholders to establish and implement short, medium and long term sustainable strategic plans.
  • Transparency creates an effective and efficient environment that produce results that meet needs while making the best use of resources available. 
  • They enhance sustainable use of available natural resources, the protection of the environment, economic growth and availability of amenities and services that support livelihood.  
  • Transparency is a representation of a successful public sector reform programme that promotes equity and sustainable development.

There is also need for a continuous and participatory training of officers in the public and private Sector, business people and entrepreneurs on financial management. People in leadership roles should be held accountable. Reforms in the public and private sector should be geared towards eliminating corruption, nepotism and patronage. These will ensure credibility.

Transparency is a must for any progressive society. It must be upheld at all costs lest we bent beyond the weight of humiliation. They are not winds of fate that we can’t control. It is our collective responsibility to ensure that we maintain transparency as ethical standard of good governance.

code of ethics

One of the ways to be (more) Transparent in Business it to create a code of ethics and implement it. To have a code of ethics in place within branch, association or business is one thing. – To live it up and make it work (with and without consequences) is another story.

Marketing Social Research Association has composed a Code of Ethics they would like to apply effectively and successful. click here to access the code of ethics.