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SAI Platform - Financial tool

Business and sustainable development : A global guide business tools

This specific tool  is divided in different aspects that are respective to what your business is keen on. These aspects are: product synergy, design for environmnet, eco efficiency, the four R's, green procurement, performance contracting, pollution penetration and zero emmision. 

Link Access: Business and sustainable development: A global guide business tools

Grow brand value with sustainability management and EHS

Who STEPS Instrument

Sustainable Agriculture Initiative platform: The global food value chain unit- Financial tool

SIB Risk check

SIB risk check

The CSR Risk Check is a useful CSR risk assessment tool, giving you an overview of the issues you may encounter in your organisation or company, including earlier on in the production chain. The risk check is easy to fill in and will instantly give you a list of possible issues for each country and/or product in the form of a risk assessment.

Link access: <SIB Risk check>

Program sustainability tool

Program sustainability assessment tool

The sustainability framework identifies a small set of organizational and contextual domain that assists business in building their capacity for maintaining a program.

Link Access: < program sustainability assestment tool>

SAP sustainability solutions tool

SAP sustainability solutions software

The SAP solutions can help you boost profitability with reduced energy consumption, improved product safety and stewardship, and safe workplaces. Protect your brand and reduce risk – while enhancing your corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives.

Link Access: <SAP sustainability solutions software>.

Sustainable agriculture initiative platform

Sustainable Agriculture Initiative Platform

SAI Platform conducted a series of studies and projects aimed at identifying the best existing indicators and tools to help farmers monitor the sustainability of their farms.

Link Access: <Sustainable Agriculture initiative platform>

RobecoSAM corporate sustainability methodology

RobecoSAM’s Corporate Sustainability Methodology

As an investment boutique focused exclusively on sustainability investing RobecoSAM has always believed that financial analysis is incomplete if it ignores material extra-financial factors.

Link Access:<RabecoSAM corporate sustainability methodology>

Green Biz

Green Biz

Green Biz has provided apps according to your business sector that guides your decisions and drive green business changes with in companies. Download APPs according to your sector, Link Access: <Green Biz>.

WBSCD Business eco system training

WBSCD Business ecosystems training

WBSCD toolbox addresses different stages of the journey towards sustainability: awareness raising and capacity building, understanding available tools, methodologies to helps asses impacts and dependencies and frameworks to help manage projects.

Link Access: <WBSCD business eco systems training>.