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International Maritime Transport and Logistics


Maritime Transport and Logistics is the pillar of international trade and globalization. This role will continue to grow as there is an expected increase in world trade, milions of people are expected to be lifted out poverty through improved access to basic materials, goods and products. Maritime Transport is therefore an important component of socio-economic and environmental growth.

An indespensable fact about maritime logistics is that it is the most environmentally sound mode of transport in terms of energy efficiency and pollution{UN}. The socio-economic and environmental dimensions should therefore be fully recognized, equally in strategy, policy, regulatory framework and most importantly, action.

SIB, the knowledge centre, will bring together stakeholders in this sector and generate content that it hands on and experience based on  emerging Sustainability issues in this sector. The UN Sustainability concept in the Maritime industry gives a detailed overview. Access it here


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Practical Examples

  • Koneksie

    Koneksie is a company that focuses on solutions for social problems in emerging countries. They have developed new and better Read More
  • Matatu Crew Route 23/30 Waiyaki Way

    The matatu system is a means of public transport in Kenya. The matatu is a 14 seater van that is Read More
  • Ecocabs

    Eco cabs consist of a fleet of hybrid taxis that provide an option for driving green in style. They provide Read More
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    This organization aims in creating businesses that are inclusive in order to galvanize the global business community by expanding access Read More
  • SEA (Sustainable Entreprenuer Award)

    SEA focuses on business that have lucrative business models that have solutions to corporate problems in order to enhance sustainable Read More
  • SNV

    SNV provides access to advisory services, promotes the development and brokering of knowledge and support policy dialogue at the national Read More
  • Bio-innovate Africa program

    This program emphasis on the use of modern biosciences to improve crop productivity and resilience to climate change in small-scale Read More
  • SEED Africa Symposium

    The Seed Africa Symposium is an international forum that enables investors, policy makers, business leaders and practioners to examine emerging Read More
  • Inclusive Business Accelerator

    This is an open innovation platform that connects social innovators, business coaches, impact investors and advisories to find the right Read More
  • Kenya Flower Council

    Kenya Flower Council (KFC) is a voluntary association of independent growers and exporters of cut-flowers and ornamentals, formed in 1996, Read More
  • Kenya Healthcare Federation

    Kenya Healthcare Federation (KHF) is the health sector representative for the Kenya Private Sector Alliance. KHF is dedicated to engaging Read More
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