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The technology industry is a dynamic sector due to the innovative and advanced technologies being frequently developed that constantly shifts the landscape.  It is essential for comapanies that depend highly on innovative solutions to be sustainable.

Needs of SIB in the IT sector

This sector assumes that sustainable and inclusiveness neglects IT and technological companies as these concepts are short spanned due to this dynamic industry.  However,majority of the IT and technological companies need and want to develop an ecosystem for their research that can be achieved through SIB’s interaction.

Additional needs in this sector are as follows:

  • Fundings and partnerships from supporting corporates in order to enable businesses in meeting the cost of research and development (R&D) in this sector duet o high cost.
  • Skilled labor or workforce in order to equip the people with the knowledge and professional skills that are required in developing sustainable products through innovation.

SIB in technology and IT services sector:

Sustainability is the new innovation frontier for businesses in developing products for their consumers and achieving long term economic gain. The use of resources available in an efficient manner that meets consumers needs and wants by providing added value such as sustainable practice. These sorts of sustainable practices include compliance to regulations, value chains, business models and creating next practice platforms in the field. In addition, knowledge is key in the technological sphere therefore encouraging high levels of employee involvement through workshops and trainings resulting to sustainable solutions in the field.

Challenges of SIB in this sector:

  • Production of  ‘green’ new technologies such as biofuels and bio plastics tend to have heavy reliance on biomaterials that in turn sets pressures on arable land and crops risking food shortages.
  • Government Apathy- Substantial public funding is often required to support up-and-coming technologies that lack in developing countries. In addition, some private sector companies may require considerable legislative pressure before they make the switch to sustainable practices that can be time consuming. 


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Practical Examples

  • Philips Community Life Centre

    Philips has developed the first community life centre in Kenya, which has integrated solutions for the low-income families in terms Read More
  • TechBIZ Africa Limited

    Techbiz is a dynamic company with a vision to provide excellent services and bring new global technologies to its customers. Read More
  • Strathmore University

    Strathmore University holds a peerless reputation for quality in both academic and professional education and personal formation in Kenya. Furthermore, Read More
  • MicroClinic Technologies

    MicroClinic Technologies specialises in health care management and health care systems development. There technologies include mobile monitoring devices for maternal Read More
  • Sokoshambani

    Sokoshambani is a market based micrologistics platform that enables small-scale farmers to trade directly with high value market entities. The Read More
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    This organization aims in creating businesses that are inclusive in order to galvanize the global business community by expanding access Read More
  • SEA (Sustainable Entreprenuer Award)

    SEA focuses on business that have lucrative business models that have solutions to corporate problems in order to enhance sustainable Read More
  • SNV

    SNV provides access to advisory services, promotes the development and brokering of knowledge and support policy dialogue at the national Read More
  • Bio-innovate Africa program

    This program emphasis on the use of modern biosciences to improve crop productivity and resilience to climate change in small-scale Read More
  • SEED Africa Symposium

    The Seed Africa Symposium is an international forum that enables investors, policy makers, business leaders and practioners to examine emerging Read More
  • Inclusive Business Accelerator

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  • Kenya Flower Council

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  • Kenya Healthcare Federation

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